What Role Does The Master Electrician Take?

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Once you have done all you need to do to train to be an electrician – all the necessary courses and training – you will get employed and build up your knowledge and experience of the electrical industry, to the point where you are eventually the most experienced member of an electrical team; you are now a master electrician.

A master electrician typically oversees a staff of labourers, electrician apprentices and journeymen electricians on commercial, industrial and residential jobs.

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A Big Reason You Are Never Too Old To Start Your Electrician Journey

caution-electric-signThere are plenty of careers out there that, whether it’s advertised or not, have age restrictions on them.

Sportspeople, for example, are generally heading towards the end of their careers once they hit their mid-30’s.  As their fitness levels begin to decrease, they’re going to be more susceptible to injuries and as a result, are going to be less attractive to teams. Continue reading

Learning A New Trade As An Electrician

There are many trades that you can turn to your own advantage.  For example, being able to repair your electrics is extremely useful when you have problems at home.

However, once you’ve trained to be an electrician, you will be able to do the full library of electrical work, at your own home.  The financial savings of being able to complete the majority of the work in your own home make this a worthwhile trade to enter.

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Is The Electrical Trade A Good One To Work In?

Electric meterWhen you are a teenager and getting to that time of life when you need to start thinking about what you want to do in your working career, it can be a difficult and confusing time for some people.

But for some others, they already know exactly what it is they want – and that is to work in the trade industry, specifically they want to train to be an electrician.

To become an electrician you will have to attend an electrical training course designed to help you in your career; a City & Guilds course would be highly recommended by any electrician you converse with. Continue reading