How To Use Medical Devices Safely

A medical device is, simply defined, any item used to diagnose, treat, or prevent disease, injury, or any other condition that is not a drug, biologic, or food.

Medical devices range from items as simple as tongue depressors to more complex devices, such as ventilators.  They represent some of the most innovative technologies developed in recent years, especially in sterilisation training. Continue reading


The Many Benefits Of Workplace Training

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Training courses are ways of improving the effectiveness of your current workforce, but they are also attractive benefits for ambitious people.

Training isn’t just important to any company, it is vital. Continue reading

Is Your Company Appropriate With Its Health And Safety?

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Whether you are young and new to a trade, or you are older and have been doing it for 30 years, there is always the chance that either of you can have any sort of accident, big or small.

Regardless of the business you are in, the possibilities of injury or damage to someone else’s health are forever going to be there. ¬†These could come from manual handling, working constantly with computers, dangerous machinery or even stress. Continue reading