Do You Want To Be An Electrical Apprentice?

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If you are interested in beginning a career in the electrical world then starting off as an apprentice is a fantastic way to start.

Taking on an electrician apprenticeship means you will earn as you learn, gain on-the-job experience and begin to develop workplace skills.  At the end of it all you will gain the NVQ level 3 in electrical installation. Continue reading


3 Reasons It’s Still Great To Learn A Traditional Trade Today

In the world of social media, digital marketing and search engine optimisation, it can be all too easy to think that it’s no longer a good option to head into a traditional trade.

More and more young people are moving into more IT-based roles than ever before and not into the likes of bricklaying or carpentry.

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A Big Reason You Are Never Too Old To Start Your Electrician Journey

caution-electric-signThere are plenty of careers out there that, whether it’s advertised or not, have age restrictions on them.

Sportspeople, for example, are generally heading towards the end of their careers once they hit their mid-30’s.  As their fitness levels begin to decrease, they’re going to be more susceptible to injuries and as a result, are going to be less attractive to teams. Continue reading

Should You Still Consider A Traditional Trade As A Career Today?

Look on job boards or websites; in local papers or on company websites and you’ll see a plethora of jobs available – there might be millions of people unemployed at the minute, but there is reported to be around 500,000 vacant positions in the UK at any one time currently.

However, if you’ve looked for a job recently, chances are you’ve noticed the positions are things like ‘Content Manager’, ‘Digital Marketing Executive’ and ‘SEO Director’.

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Which Trade Should You Learn?

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When people are faced with a consistent news items on television, in the newspapers and across the Internet, about unemployment rates continuing to rise, it makes sense that school or college leavers consider a trade that they can learn so that they can be more easily employed during their lives.

Although it is obvious that any career within computing will probably keep you employed across your lifetime, not everyone has the skills or aptitude to move into computer programming or software management.

Moving into one of the traditional trades does not mean that you have less ability than people who are moving into computer programming, but it does mean that your skills are in different areas. Continue reading

Avoid Electrical Accidents At All Costs

electric-shock-signSimply said, electricity can be a major safety threat. Whether you are at your home, in your office or working on a construction site, electricity is extremely hazardous.

Every year around the world, hundreds and thousands of people are injured or killed at work due to electrical shocks and burns

Especially on construction sites, when workers are sometimes required to work with and around electrics, which puts them in dangerous positions. Accidents with electricity can cause serious injury, or even death. The smallest amount of electrical energy can cause extreme damage. Continue reading

What Is PAT Testing?

Colourful and cut electric cablesPortable Appliance Testing (otherwise known as PAT testing) is the process of routinely checking electrical equipment for safety of use.  The correct term for the whole process is ‘in-service inspection and testing of electrical equipment’, as defined in the IEE regulations.

Household appliances are not required to have regular inspections, it is only public places and places of work.

Health and safety regulations state that to prevent staff / workers from any electrical harm then appliances must be safe to use.  Although inspected at regular intervals, depending on the specific type of equipment and the environment it is used in, depends on how often it is checked. Continue reading