Avoid Electrical Accidents At All Costs

electric-shock-signSimply said, electricity can be a major safety threat. Whether you are at your home, in your office or working on a construction site, electricity is extremely hazardous.

Every year around the world, hundreds and thousands of people are injured or killed at work due to electrical shocks and burns

Especially on construction sites, when workers are sometimes required to work with and around electrics, which puts them in dangerous positions. Accidents with electricity can cause serious injury, or even death. The smallest amount of electrical energy can cause extreme damage. Continue reading


Am I Too Old To Become An Electrician?

An old man contemplating lifeLast week, I was reading through some articles I had on electrics and I came to a section where someone had sent in a letter asking a question, and I started contemplating what my answer would be.

The question in hand was this: am I too old to change my profession to become an electrician?┬áThe first thing that comes to mind is: how old are you? The guy in question was 44 years old. My answer to this person is no, you are not too old. And I’ll talk you through what you need to do to get to where you want to be.

It will, however, take you a minimum of three years to get to the required stage where you can be known as a fully qualified electrician. And in them three years you should learn the trade inside out, work in the trade and build up a list of known-contacts. Doing labour work with a qualified electrician will help as much as attending your course classes. Continue reading