Do You Want To Be An Electrical Apprentice?

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If you are interested in beginning a career in the electrical world then starting off as an apprentice is a fantastic way to start.

Taking on an electrician apprenticeship means you will earn as you learn, gain on-the-job experience and begin to develop workplace skills.  At the end of it all you will gain the NVQ level 3 in electrical installation.

This takes around four years to complete; the first half of it is attending classes, as well as working, studying theory and gaining knowledge of electrical systems.  At the end of the first two years you will have to sit examinations to show your progression and whether you can move on to the next stage.

In your third and fourth years you must complete your NVQ portfolio; this includes writing a site diary explaining work processes you have carried out and any skills you have learnt.  Proof to back up your site diary can also be kept, in the form of photographs, voice recordings and professional discussions.

The job of an electrician is considered to be one of the top trades; the type of electrical work you might do will fall into one of these categories: domestic, commercial, industrial and specialist.  The work you are able to undertake as an apprentice electrician will depend on the type of work that your employer does.

Some of the things you may do include:

– Working indoors or outdoors, and at heights

– Understanding wiring systems

– Inspecting and testing of electrical installations

– Diagnosing, and rectifying, faults on different circuits and equipment

– Developing good working relationships with relevant people

All trained electricians have a similar technical ability to one another, but different people will specialise in different areas.  Training to become an electrician will help you develop some important skills, one of which is understanding electricity.

Traditionally, being an electrician was seen very much as a ‘man’s job’.  This idea is now being confronted with more and more females taking up the trade.  Although there is still only a minor number of females in the job, any women with an interest in the trade are being encouraged to come forward and enrol on apprenticeships.

Becoming an electrician can open many doors for an enthusiastic and hard-working young person.  There are areas of specialism, career advancements and teaching/assessor positions available within the industry.  There are also many individuals who start their own business once they have completed their training and gained a few more years’ experience.


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