How Health and Safety Conscious is Your Company?

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Whether you are young and new to a trade, or you are older and have been doing it for 30 years, there is always the chance that either of you can have any sort of accident, big or small.

Regardless of the business you are in – whether you are an office worker or a pharmaceutical engineer – the possibilities of injury or damage to someone’s health are forever going to be there.

These could come from manual handling, working constantly with computers, dangerous machinery or even stress.

In the United Kingdom, there are still approximately over 600,000 work-related injuries every year, and over 1.8 million cases of ill-health caused by work, which is a massive number.

So when seeing these numbers, it not only is a responsibility but makes good business sense to be as health and safety conscious as possible.

There are numerous ways to ensure yourself and your employees are fully aware of the health and safety protocols of your company.  These could be as follows:

– Have a Health and Safety policy in place

Simply to let your staff know who does what, when and how.

– Encourage a culture of safety

Make sure to let employees know they need to speak up about any safety issues they may have.

– Provide training and information

Try making your Health and Safety inductions a bit more fun and engaging, keep your audience interested, otherwise they could get bored and start thinking about what to have for dinner.

Whether it is electrician training or an induction to start as a chef, it all needs to be taken in by the employee.

By the Health and Safety at Work Act and the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations, the companies and individuals need to ensure that adequate provisions are made for health and safety at work.  Without following the legal requirements, the company is in breach of the Health and Safety Law.

As well as following the law, it adds value to the company. The most obvious benefit of implementing health and safety practices is that it provides a safe environment for employees and visiting clients.

It should also be a first priority as it helps to reduce accidents and speeds up recovery times should an incident occur.  Accident prevention will in return increase employees’ productivity; a huge plus for the employer.

In addition to all the above, a good, efficient health and safety protocol will help the relationship between the employer and his staff, because they then feel safer and that if anything goes wrong, safety-wise, it will be under control.

Sometimes, employees can consider health and safety to be a necessary part of their employment package.  A broad health and safety program can be a motivator to remain with the company, which results in employee retention.

A clean and safe workplace improves the overall health of the company and willingness to learn and develop work knowledge.  This is where a health and safety policy comes into action.


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