Which Trade Should You Learn?

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When people are faced with a consistent news items on television, in the newspapers and across the Internet, about unemployment rates continuing to rise, it makes sense that school or college leavers consider a trade that they can learn so that they can be more easily employed during their lives.

Although it is obvious that any career within computing will probably keep you employed across your lifetime, not everyone has the skills or aptitude to move into computer programming or software management.

Moving into one of the traditional trades does not mean that you have less ability than people who are moving into computer programming, but it does mean that your skills are in different areas. Continue reading


Understanding The Different Qualification Systems

City and Guilds of London Institute

City and Guilds of London Institute (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Training to learn a new trade is a way that many people either break it to a new industry or transfer across from another one because there is a greater need. Horse shoe metal workers were employed in large numbers, but the tradition slowed down after the invention of motor vehicles.

In the modern era, almost all trades require qualifications at all levels, but understanding which each represents and how they can benefit you in the future can be confusing and difficult to digest.

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Famous People That Were Once In The Electrical Business

benjamin-franklinTwo of the most well known people to be involved with electrics and electricity are definitely Benjamin Franklin, one of the Founding Fathers of the United States of America, and Thomas Edison, the inventor of the light bulb.

These are very influential people in the electricity world and if it wasn’t for people like this then our modern-day electricians maybe wouldn’t have the knowledge to do their jobs.

We managed to scroll through lots of electrician pages, information and news to find some famous people (actors, singers, sports-people, for example) that started out their careers in the trade industry. Continue reading